Saturday, April 26, 2008

Countdown to Refashioning

My two month stint with Wardrobe Refashion starts in four days. If you aren't familiar with WR, you can read the rules at this link. Until then, I give you some previous refashions!

I found this skirt at a thrift shop a couple of years ago. It was orginally a reversible wrap skirt for someone really really skinny, but I bought it anyway, because I loved the fabric. It languished in my To-Do Pile, waiting to be made into a handbag. Then one day I realized that, even though I'd never be skinny enough to wear it as a wrap skirt, it did reach around me and overlap enough to be worn as a skirt, as long as I could fasten it in a different way.

First I removed the original binding (and therefore the ties which were made from the binding) from around the edges. It was very worn out and frayed anyway--this must have been someone's favorite skirt! Then I just sewed on new binding, made some buttonholes, and added buttons. Now when I'm thrifting, I look at wrap skirts in a whole different way!

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