Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When I'm Not Reading...

Knitting is not my passion. I know how to knit. I enjoy knitting simple things. I even started a knitting group at my library. But you're not going to catch me knitting anything lacy, ruffled, complicated, or --heaven forbid--anything that needs to be sewn together.

Enter the cooperative blanket.

Someone in my knitting group suggested a project: we could all make blocks in different patterns, sew them together, and donate the results to charity. I'm in, I said, as long as I don't have to sew them together. So far, we have 21 blocks. I think 16 of them are mine. I've done plain garter stitch blocks, blocks with cables, checkerboard blocks, and striped blocks. One block is seed stitch (never again) and a couple are sand stitch (I think--I was winging it).

Part of the fun is seeing our progress. Not so fun is trying to arrange knitted blocks on the floor of the screen porch on a windy day. I finally pinned them down, which solves the blowing away problem but makes rearranging a pain. This isn't the final configuration--I would never put two of the cable blocks side by side like that--but it gives you an idea of what we have so far. I was afraid it would look like the dog's breakfast with all the different yarns, but I'm really pleased with it.


KitKnitty said...

I'm similarly minded towards knitting. I can do it, but long projects are too hard for me right now. I love to knit little squares, though, and see how the patterns work out. So I was excited to see this link on the Craftster site:


Of course, there's also Project Linus, but I'd prefer to quilt for them.

darlingpetunia said...

Hi, Kitknitty! I checked out the Oxfam link...what a neat idea! If you come across any cool stitch patterns that aren't too too complicated, let me know!