Monday, May 19, 2008

Petunia in Poppies

I don't even remember where I got this dress, but it's been in my basket for a long while. I do know it was $2.50, but the price tag doesn't look familiar. My original plan was to use the fabric to make a tote bag, but I always kind of liked it as is. I love the retro poppy print and the colors, but, aside from that, it always seemed a little TOO retro and almost costumey. Besides that...

1: The colors are doing me no favors.
2: The elastic waist is too high.
3: I don't like how those three orange poppies converge on my midsection.
4: It is the worst possible length.
It's also really stiff and made of an upholstery weight fabric, so it isn't exactly an easy breezy summer dress.
I'm thinking it's time to rework this.


JulieZS said...

I really like the fabric! How about making it into a skirt? That would solve the waist related issues as you can chop it off after the converging orange poppies and add a waistband that suits you. Plus, you wouldn't necessarily have to redo the hem (a big deal in my book) as you'd have used up some of the length for waistband adjusting. Then you could use the top part's leftover fabrics to make a matching bag? Hope to see what you end up doing with it!

Susan said...

Thanks, Juliezs, I really like the fabric too! (Wow, you left me a comment on BOTH blogs! How cool!) Anyway, guess what? I made it into a skirt! I will be posting the pics shortly.