Friday, May 2, 2008

The Year of Fog

I work at the library, and I've never had a book nag me as much as this one. For about a year now, it's been crossing my path. "Oh, that looks interesting," I'd think. Then I'd read the flap and decide, no, that looks too depressing. Finally I gave in and took it home to read.

The Year of Fog is about what happens when a child and her father's fiance go for a walk on the beach and the child disappears. It's about what this disappearance does to the relationship between the child's father and his fiance. And, to a large extent, it's about the concept of memory.

So was it depressing? Nah. But, be warned, it's the kind of book that can keep you up all night as you read about how memories unfold and the search progresses. The chapters are short, and propel you along. I confess, I gave up at about 1 am and skipped ahead to find out what was going to happen, so you might want to save this one for a rainy day or a night you can stay up!


Leslie from said...

Yeah--that's how I felt about that book too. Too depressing, but my sweetie read it and loved it, so I'm in for it this weekend.

BTW, I do love that picture of your gato in the box. So sweet.

leslie from

Darling Petunia said...

Leslie, I do hope you like the book! I just finished another one that I LOVED--haven't blogged about it yet, but stay tuned. :)

Isabella (my cat) is blushing from all these compliments!