Monday, June 30, 2008

Nightie Night

Wow! Two months of Wardrobe Refashion is over already! That was quick! To commemorate the end of my first two months, I was going to do a classic: Make something out of a sheet. I pulled out my sheets to have a look.

Uh oh. This is going to be a problem. I don't want to cut into any of them! The one to the left spent some time as a duvet cover, and I might want to redo that at some point. The one to the right needs to be saved for something really special. It's Vera! It's brand new! And I have two of them! The one in the middle seems to be screaming out to be made into pajamas or a robe, but I want to be sure. If anyone has any ideas or pattern suggestions, please share!

Okay, so scrap the sheet idea for now. Instead, I guess because I had sheets and bedtime on my mind, I decided to make a nightgown. While digging through the pink piles of fabric looking for the sheets, I spotted some rather sappy-looking pink floral fabric that I didn't even remember having. Perfect!

As an aside, I end up with some strange fabric sometimes, because I get my mom's hand-me-downs. She sews doll clothes, so she buys fabric that will appeal to little girls.

I just barely managed to squeeze Butterick 6838 out of what I had. I made the sleeveless version in the shortest length, and cut the facings from a coordinating polka dot. I have to laugh at these patterns that give step-by-step instructions for trimming each view--as if only view B can have the little bow at the neck, or if you make view D you must put lace on the yoke and cuffs! I was a rebel and used no trim at all. I also skipped the interfacing. Who wants interfacing in a nightgown?

The sewing went smoothly (for a change), but the finished product is too big. That's my fault, because I knew I should make a medium, but the pattern was for L or XL, and I went ahead anyway. So if anyone would like a cheery pink nightie to fit a 38 to 40 inch bust, let me know, and it's yours! If more than one person wants it, I'll have Isabella pull a name from a hat.


Lori Kay said...

that's an adorable nightgown. thanks for generously offering it to your visitors!

Raiye said...

I love it and I want it. I'll even send you a cookie!

Tera said...

Thanks for offering it as well. I love it too!

Sew Wilde said...

Lovely gown! I would love to have it.

Geek+Nerd said...

Ohh that's beautiful! You can add my name to the hat :)

Raiye said...

Miss Petunia, this is high-larious. As it is, I'm fearful that Miss Thread Baeur and I might be shopping the same Salvy, et tu?