Thursday, June 26, 2008

Presto Change-O

I think this skirt has been in my refashion pile longer than any other garment. I bought it because I loved the Indian-print fabric. The skirt itself though? Eh. It was a bad length, and it had a really bunchy elastic waist. You know the type that billows out? Yuck. It hung in my closet for a while, then I moved it to my Halloween costume bin (no joke) in case I ever wanted to dress up like a Hippie!

Anyway, after the shirt nightmare (see previous post) I felt a simple project was in order. The first step was to shorten it by taking five inches off the top. There was no way I was going to mess with the bottom, because I thought the bands were perfect as they were. Whoever made the original skirt had lousy taste in silhouettes, but did me a big favor with the stripes. The last green stripe was actually applied as a separate piece. I think it looks much nicer ending with a repeat of the green than it would have ending with the deep red.

Once I hacked off the five inches, I went to work on making the whole thing slimmer. I figured all I had to do was make sure I could get it over my hips, but I overestimated that measurement, so I ended up taking it in a second time.

So, finally, after probably ten years, it took me 45 minutes to change this into something I'll wear! What was I waiting for?


Paula said...

I too have a huge pile of clothes that have been waiting for minor alterations (that would probably take 45 min.)for years. What is my problem?!

Darling Petunia said...

It's obvious, Paula, it's not as much fun to do the 45 minute projects! It was a good way to get my confidence back after that &$%# top though!