Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dream Come True

Ever since we moved to this house, I've wanted a clothesline. I've nagged Gerry. I've nagged my brothers. Nothing worked. Oh, Gerry put up clotheslines on our screened porch, and they've served me well, but they weren't REAL clotheslines, outside in the sun.

Then the electricians showed up with this strange machine that digs trenches and holes. Next thing I know, Gerry is yelling up the stairs, "If you could have your clothesline, where would you want it to be? Quick, I need an answer now!" HUH? Well, wouldn't you know it, he talked the electricians into digging the holes! My clothesline dream was coming true!

Now, I admit, I was a little dubious about this whole thing. Gerry is a great cook and, boy, can he spell, but DIY is not his strong suit. So when this kind of stuff is going on? My best bet is stay out of it.

So I went off to work, and when I came home, there it was! He did it!

I quickly did some wash so I could hang my inaugural load. I have five lines now! That's eighty feet of clothesline!

I love my new clotheslines! Thank you, Ger Bear! Thank you, electrician guys!


Bridget said...

Hooray! There is nothing better than a clothesline.

suzof7 said...

That's wonderful! Congratulations on your new toy!

rowena said...

Wow - bigger than mine! I thought I was the only person who loved hanging their wash out - I'm glad not to be the only one so excited by clean laundry! (I did 4 loads today.....) Congratulations!