Saturday, August 23, 2008

Arf! Arf!

I'd like you all to meet Patches. When I was three years old, my grandma made Patches for me out of clothes I'd outgrown. The black corduroy with the flowers was a pair of overalls, the plaids were little dresses, etc. My mom remembers making some of those clothes on her Kenmore sewing machine! I can't find any pictures of the original outfits, but I did find this:

Not the greatest picture, but I'm glad we held onto it all these years, if only to see Patches in his prime!

Fourteen years later, Patches made the trip to college with me (yep, that's my dorm room with Patches on my pillow). On my first night there, we had a "getting to know you" meeting in the dorm, and we were each instructed to bring along a special item. I took my Patches, and I think he got the biggest "Awww!" of all.

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Jesica said...

Hey Lady,

Left you an award on my blog

Swansong said...

Oh my Patches is ADORABLE!!! I still have my two teddys from childhood LOL

renee said...

i love patches

Darling Petunia said...

Patches said to tell you thank you for the compliments. In his advanced years,it's important to his self esteem to hear things like that.

DragonMouse said...

I realize this is an older post so I'm not sure if the comment will show up, but I was browsing your blog a couple weeks ago and ran across this post about Patches. I showed the picture to my little boy and we both fell in love. So this week I raided my quilt scraps and made "Patches II" for us. At the moment, he goes back and forth between hanging out in my sewing room as my crafty mascot by day and sleeping with my son at night. We love him! Thanks so much for sharing!