Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tokyo Tie Bag

So my mom bought herself a Bernina sewing machine. Although she's had it for, oh, over a year I think, she's been scared to use it because of all the buttons and computer-y gizmos on it. Being the nice daughter I am, I offered to adopt it for a while and figure it out for her.

I figured the best way to do that was to jump in and make something, so I picked a quick and easy project: the "Tokyo Tie Bag" from Diana Rupp's Sew Everything Workshop. The black, tropical print fabric is from another old skirt I had in my refashioning pile, and mom gave me yards and yards of the green stuff. She told me to just donate it to the thrift shop if I didn't want it. Not want it? Heck, I think it's great! We both do!

As I was drawing up the pattern, I thought it looked mighty small. That seems to be a trend lately, as I've made a few tiny bags from Bend the Rules Sewing as well. Enlarging the pattern would have meant using different fabric, though, and I had my heart set on that combination, so I pressed forward.

The bag is super easy to make. I mean, it isn't just "not hard," it's ridiculously simple. And I think it looks pretty cool for something that only took ten minutes to knock out. It's just so darn little. I'm going to figure out a better size for the next one, so I can fit my wallet AND my sunglasses into it at the same time. Once I do, I'll report back with the specs. I'm thinking it would be a good subject for a tutorial too, because I know there are some beginners following this blog. And here it is!


HomeMadeOriginals said...

Adorable bag! Please do post instructions for a larger size once you make one.

Lana said...

Yep, that's what happened with mine too, I just lengthened the bottom and tada! It's my most favorite purse right now.

KLS said...

That bag is super cute.

I think it's funny how Isabella "helps" you with all of your projects.

Darling Petunia said...

The instructions are up, it's longer, and Isabella got in on the act once again! Thanks, guys!