Saturday, October 25, 2008

Warning: Don't Be Scared

Do you remember your first Halloween costume? I was a little ghost! Not that I remember this, but I have photographic evidence. (Keep in mind, photography was in its infancy, so the pictures aren't that great.)

This is my big brother, David, helping me on with my BOO suit. Could I have been any more pale? Or excited? I wonder what he was saying to me.
Here I am with both brothers. The hood on that bat costume is sort of FREAKY!

Here's the loot! Check out the red tights under my nightgown. And there, to the right of the picture, that's my blankie!

I got curious and looked up the pattern on Google. I searched the words HALLOWEEN COSTUME SKELETON BAT, and it came right up! I'm glad mom skipped the white hood on my ghost outfit.


Becca said...

Adorable! I was a dump truck...except I couldn't pronounce that. I'm not going to repeat what I said but it involved replacing a p with a b and a tr with an f. My mom wasn't so happy when I announced what I wanted to be in public.

But the good news was they actually made me a dump truck costume!

Bethany said...

These pictures are so cute! Yeah, the white hood probably wouldn't have worked out so well.

The first costume I can remember was when I was Sheera, Princess of Power. And I was a clown once.

Lori said...

so awesome - i make my kids' costumes, but it's more of a combining-of-elements making than a get-out-the-sewing-machine making, if you know what i mean. our moms rocked in that area. :^)

Janiah said...

Halloween is one of my favorite holiday – I have such fond memories dressing up as a kid.