Monday, November 17, 2008

Wardrobe Refashion Progress Report

I was afraid this would happen: There hasn't been much refashioning going on here in Petuniaville. I started with Wardrobe Refashion in May and sailed through the summer tweaking tees and sewing cotton skirts. Now that we're having cold weather, I haven't been creating much. Somewhere in my refashioning pile, there are a few skirts that might benefit from some trim or applique. I've also been thinking of trying something from Lotta Prints and reworking a skirt by printing a nifty pattern around the hem. As for sewing from scratch, winter fabrics (wool, corduroy) sort of scare me. And even though I can knit, I've never tackled a sweater and don't particularly want to try!

Never fear: My pledge to Wardrobe Refashion lives on. I have not purchased any new clothing for almost seven months! I'm kind of laughing as I write that, though, because that isn't really a huge accomplishment in my case. Thrift shops are my haunts.

And so, in lieu of fabulous refashions, I bring you my fabulous thrift shop finds.

I scored all four of these sweaters at the same thrift shop on the same day. Prices have really gone up at this shop, but these were all half price that day, and I don't think I paid more than $3 for any of them. Looks like I hit three out of the four universally flattering colors according to Real Simple magazine. Speaking of colors, you can save yourself a lot of time looking through the racks if you know which colors work for you and then zero in, looking only for those colors.

More advice for thrift shop rookies: Don't pay attention to the sizes. Two of those sweaters are mediums, one is an extra large, and the purple turtleneck is a Chico's size 1 which equates to a small. So which am I? Get used to eyeballing things and then try stuff on. You just never know.

And now my favorite subject: Skirts! The skirt obsession lives on, but let's face it, winter skirts aren't quite as fun as summer skirts. Well, okay, I guess there are some out there, but generally colors are more subdued, there are fewer prints, etc. Not that I don't still love them!

I found this trio over the weekend. Two nice neutrals and, hey, who couldn't use an orange tweed skirt? Oh! I almost forgot to mention the best part! One of the thrifts in my area seems to have a policy of marking anything marked "Dry Clean" really cheap. These skirts? $1.99 each.

So, tell me, what have you found lately?


janey said...

You are such a talented needlewoman and you have a great eye for design, so kick the fear of thicker fabrics I'm sure you'll create some stunning winter skirts!!

Miss Fitz said...

I'm all about the thrifted sweaters, too, and have become a real secondhand cashmere snob. Silk sweaters are high on the list, too, because they're so warm and layer well. My acrylic days are long gone.

I also shop the sale days at the thrift stores and try to limit my purchases to the discount colored tags, too. Most of the time it works.

I think you could totally make heavier skirts in happy print corduroy or woven velour. Or you could just get a jump on next spring!

JulieZS said...

Love that orange tweed skirt, that's a great find. Maybe embellishment is the thing for winter clothing? How about trying wool felting designs onto a wool skirt or sweater?

Darling Petunia said...

Oh, Janey, you're so nice to say that, thanks! My reluctance to sew winter skirts isn't completely about fear of fabrics...there just don't seem to be as many winter fabrics I'm interested in sewing. I did make some corduroy skirts last year and plan to make a few more, but I'm just not as inspired somehow. Eh, I'm probably just in a slump. We'll see!

Darling Petunia said...

Hey, Miss Fitz, good to see you're blogging again!

Lucky you finding cashmere sweaters. I've only ever found one, but I'm always too hot when I wear it! I'm okay with acrylic, depending on how it feels. The easy-care aspect is appealing to me!

You nailed it with the happy print corduroy comment! Someday I'll have to take pics of the skirts I made last winter--very happy!

Darling Petunia said...

That skirt is pretty neat, isn't it? I wore it to work the other day and heard many comments about how autumnal I looked.

I think you're absolutely right about embellishing for the winter. I need to expand my mind a little and break away from the conservative winter uniform!