Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why didn't I think of that?

Just wanted to share a picture of the wastebasket in my mom's sewing room. My mom is pretty cool.


Columbia Lily said...

nice to know I am not the only person obsessed with peeling those off. I have to take the thread in to match if I need another spool because I always have peeled off the stickers with the numbers on them.

Tess said...

Hey! I used a similar Idea when I redid a desk into a sewing table. I decoupaged pieces of old tissue patterns to the drawer fronts.

My spools just seem to have the paper fall off anyway. LOL Great idea.

Tess said...

Oh and the apron has been getting a workout! Cooking all day yesterday for today. Mirliton (squash?) and lots of other goodies. And cleaning the whole house from top to bottom. Handy pockets they have. :)