Saturday, December 6, 2008

Old Skool

Okay, who had a Dressy Bessy or a Dapper Dan? I didn't. I didn't get this guy until I was in my thirties. I just looked online, and you can still buy both Bessy and Dan, but this is old school. Er, um, I guess I should say Old Skool, because they're made by Playskool.
Look at that hair! Isn't it great? It reminds me of the hair I see on a lot of handcrafted dolls, but that little yarn tuft just gives it a little something special. Oh, Dapper Dan, I love you!


Mittie said...

DH brought a Dapper Dan to our marriage with him, LOL! He has a place of honor on the shelves at my moms house :-)

Stephanie said...

So cute!!! It's so great when you find things you just loved and wished you had as a child and can still enjoy them years later. I love all your fun finds you've been posting about recently.
Oh I almost forgot too, I finally got a sewing machine!!! I decided it would be my Christmas present from my husband and did him the favor of picking it all out and just showing up at home with it...ha ha...I guess he was a little grateful he didn't have to worry about finding me something. Thanks for all your help and input. I love checking your blog!!! :)

Lisa D said...

I loved Dressy Bessie and Dapper Dan. I didn't think anyone else remebered them. Sometimes I feel old at work because no one else remembers the things I do from my childhood. Wonderful!

Julie said...

We had at least two Bessies and one Dan in our house growing up!!!