Friday, February 13, 2009

A First Look

So what's been keeping me so busy lately? We're having guests this weekend! Gerry's brother and his wife are coming all the way from California to spend the weekend with us. Isn't that cool? That gave me the perfect excuse to clean up The Blue Room as we call our junk room...make that former junk room.

In honor of the occasion, I broke out some of the fabrics from the Bin of Very Special Fabrics to cover some pillows.

I also fashioned an impromptu wall hanging to cover a wall that needs some work. The original plan was to hang a collection of aprons, but that looked a mess.

Are you getting the feeling this isn't the kind of guest room they'd call a spa-like retreat? It's more like all my dreams come true in one room! More to come....


dude said...

i. love. it.

Anonymous said...

If you decide the vintage rocket cushion is a bit too much, then I'll give it a home!
Seriously, though: it's a spare room and, since you aren't in there every day, I believe different rules can be applied.


Darling Petunia said...

Oh, Lynda, I love my rocket cushion!