Thursday, February 26, 2009

Next In Our Continuing Series...

The lamp. I was thrilled to find this lamp base at the thrift shop for five dollars. I pounced on that baby, thinking I'd hit Target, buy a cool shade, and have an awesome lamp for about twenty bucks. Well, not so fast. I wanted a tall drum shade, and they aren't easy to find. Internet searches turned up plenty, but with shipping costs added in, I just couldn't bring myself to negate my bargain by shelling out $45 (or more) for a new harp and shade. Finally, one more look in a discount store, and I found one I can use. It isn't as tall as I'd like, but it works.

Johnathan Adler, eat your heart out.


Anonymous said...

In the words of our dear Paris, "That's HOT!"
I like your style, you have a great eye. You should come take me shopping!
...oh! and thanks for your Garlic love!

Darling Petunia said...

Your garlic pic is awesome! I've gone back to look at it a few times now.

I'm always telling Solveig of Made by Petchy that I want to go shopping with about if we both show up on her doorstep?