Monday, March 16, 2009

The Dolly Bag

Finally! The experiment is complete! Remember the bag cloning I was working on? I'm calling it the Dolly Bag in honor of the first cloned sheep. Here is the finished bag, made from the fabric my friend supplied. Took me long enough!

The bag is reversible, should she find herself in a pink paisley mood.

In order to make it reversible, I needed some sort of closure that wasn't specific to one side or the other. It was hard to tell how the original bag closed, but it involved a loop, so I took that and ran with it.

Making it reversible also required some hand stitching, which I tried to do as neatly as possible.

I promise I'll eventually make up a tutorial for sewing this bag! I actually started one with this bag, but the light was bad, I was in a rush to get this done, etc. Setting in that bottom is going to be tricky no matter what, but I'll give you all the info I can to make it easier.


Moira said...

love it love it love it...Super Cute bag.

Anonymous said...


apalone said...

Love the bag and I can't wait for a tutorial. Also, since I'm teaching genetics right now, the Dolly nod makes me giggle. :o)

D.a.r.r.a. said...

!!!! It's perfect!! LOVE IT!!

KelliSue Kolz said...

That is so cute. I'm thinking I might have to try and make a reversible fabric backpack for my dog Speed Racer to where on our summer walks. He could hold the water bottle and sunscreen lip balm. I put his photo up in my blog for today.

kate said...

Amazing! I love the bag, and am so impressed that you copied another! I may have to give it a go... can't wait for the tutorial!
Also, the name? Dolly? LOVE it!!!