Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Does this look familiar to anyone? When Hillary's picture appeared on my blog reader, I almost had a cow. You see, I had this snug sack as a kid. It became my blankie, and I dragged it around until it fell to shreds, so seeing someone else with my blankie was a bit of shock!

As I said, the original wore away bit by bit until there was nothing left. Years later, I saw its twin at a yard sale and dove across the yard to grab it. Although I don't drag it everywhere I go anymore, deep down? It's still my blankie.


bunting said...

Aahh! You're so lucky to find a new 'old' blankie. It's really cute too.
I loved mine - but I didn't branch out to whole big things, I just had very soft cotton pillowcases. There are days when the children make me go and look very closely at my laundry cupboard.... you never know when you might need a blankie!

Shelley said...

My grandma has that sleeping bag too! I used to use it when I stayed at her house!

angelia729 said...

YES ! my grandma had one that i used to snuggle under as a kid. she would plop me in the recliner and snap it all together. and i coudl stay warm while watching tv. its funny, but i bet i have a pic somewehre of me in it.