Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Will This Work?

I realize this has to potential for failure if the cord slips from the ends of the links. doesn't seem like it's going anywhere. Has anyone tried this? Is it a bad idea?

Thanks for all the other ideas. I see possibilities in many of them. The ribbon threading technique suggested by STL Mom was a dismal failure. Either the shape of these links made it impossible or I'm a total nitwit, but it just didn't work.

Pinkpillsanity thought jump rings would be my best bet, but said string could work if I knotted it just right. (Yay! Maybe this will work!) Are there different kinds of jump rings? If there's a kind that's not just...blah...that could look slick. Nice big rings in between the links? Liking that idea, just afraid to go shopping.

angelapea asked about holes in the links. Nope, they're solid. Thanks for all your other suggestions too. Now I'm thinking I should buy another pack of these same links and make one simple version and one wild version with other beads and fabric and whatnot. Oh yeah, right! Can you imagine how long it would take me to work THAT out?

Anyway, thanks again for the help. I'll post a finished product...eventually!


LLangevoort said...

Your doing fine! The links or "what you called them" look good. I'm picturing the "old days" and macrame' you are a talented girl.

Tracy said...

I saw this necklace on the Target website. The blue links look like your red ones.

Jenni said...

You could use them to attach handles to a handbag if you are into making handbags??????

STL Mom said...

Sorry the ribbon method didn't work. It's probably because the links aren't round, like the ones in the tutorial.
Anyway, I like the combination of red links with the string.

Darling Petunia said...

Linda, we'll decide if I'm talented once I've finished this stupid thing and worn it. It might still fall apart!!

Tracey, that Target necklace is cute! I don't know if I could get that fancy, but the silver links are just the kind of thing I need.

Jenni, YES! I had that same thought! Especially because of a bag I just made (haven't shown it yet).

STLMom, the shape of the links was the problem, I think. They would twist in the wrong direction for me when I tried to tighten things up. But thanks for the idea!