Friday, May 15, 2009

Family Fabric Foray

Time for another field trip! My mom, my husband, and I had a full day of bargain hunting down near New Holland, PA yesterday. Each of us had a list of "must-go" destinations, so we did quite a bit of running around! For now, I'm just going to concentrate on the parts related to sewing.

One thing we never pass by are the ReUzit shops which are run by the Mennonite Central Committee. These are the cleanest and most organized thrift shops I've ever visited, and I always find some neat little sewing tidbits. My own mother practically ran me over dashing back to the notions and fabric section so she could get the first look!

Luckily, we aren't usually looking for the same things. Mom grabbed the piece on the right first, but she handed it right over to me. The piece on the left came from the linens section. I thought it was a sheet, but it's a shower curtain. Not for long, though!

I also found a little bundle of this green print, which reminded me of something from a Lauren Child book (maybe The Princess and the Pea). If you haven't visited her website, do. It's fun, and it's cute, and I love everything about it.

Next we went to the newly opened Goodville Fabric Outlet (717-445-6123). My mom had paid them a visit before they were even officially opened, but this was my first time.

The lighting wasn't the best for pictures, but I'm going to share some shots anyway, just to give you an idea of what it's like.

They don't have a comprehensive selection by any means, but if you can find what you're looking for, you are going to get a great deal. I saw a lot of solid and striped knits, men's shirting fabrics, fleece, and upholstery remnants. I thought that cotton belting was a great deal at 49 cents per yard, but I resisted. For $1.77/yard, I ended up with some nice-quality Asian brocade and a cute little piece of "Shopaholic" fabric. (If you're thinking that looks familiar, there's a different colorway on the envelope of Simplicity 9949.)

Finally, we stopped at The PA Fabric Outlet (717-656-0917), known to me as "the button shop."

Yes, they have fabric, as my mom will attest. She loaded up on Lanz flannels for 99 cents per yard and other sleepwear remnants for 98 cents per piece. But what I love about the PA Fabric Outlet are the buttons and the trims and the zippers. Want feathers? They've got 'em. Need stretch lace? No problem. Searching for purse hardware? Look no further.

I wish I'd have gotten some of this trim for 40 cents/yard. Next time.


Anonymous said...

That place looks like a serious danger to my wallet & budget!!!

I can't get over the neatness in the thrift shop. We have Mennonite things all over. I'm now gonna look for their thrift shops nearby.

dude said...

OMG! Susan I neeeeeeed a shopaholic sundress

Angela said...

I am sooooooooo envious!! We have NOTHING like those stores out here. Nothing!! I have JoAnn's. That's it. Talk about limited selection. If I csan talk my husband in to it, you may have a new neighbor soon. ;)

Amanda Winter said...

I am *so* jealous right now! That shower curtain and sheet are so awesome. Very lucky finds, what an awesome day!

Columbia Lily said...

I grew up mennonite and I can attest to their general orderliness and love of all things fabric. But that store is AMAZING. I may have shorted out the computer with drool...

Laine said...

I have pillowcases that match your shower curtain! I think they were a wedding gift when my parents got married in 1972. I know there were towels that matched, and I'm sure there were sheets as well, but the pillow cases are the only thing left.

I love the print and want to make them into something, I'm just not sure what.

nicola said...

whoa! wish i lived near you!

Bette's Bags said...

You've found HEAVEN!

Donna Shirk said...

The same owner of Goodville Fabric Outlet now has an online store the site is:
I ordered a couple of times now & they didn't charge any shipping to Lanc Co PA, my package was pretty heavy.
Just thought others might want to know.
Happy crafting!!