Thursday, June 11, 2009

Status Report

I don't have much of anything creative to show right now, because I spent a few days cleaning. Anyone who knows me well, is either laughing or looking for a defibrillator right about now, because that doesn't happen very often. We don't even have company coming, so I'm not sure what got into me. Maybe the full moon?

All the curtains came down. I washed windows and wiped off every single leaf of the schefflera in the bathroom. I moved the couch and systematically vacuumed cat hair from every angle. My husband came home from work and asked if we were moving.

One tiny project snuck its way in. I made this little pillow cover from a Target dishtowel to coordinate with my summer quilt. Not rocket science, but a nice little project from 100% scavenged materials.

Now I'm working on Simplicity 2923, a Project Runway dress pattern. I'm making the shorter dress with the stand collar, flat sleeve, and slim skirt. So many decisions!

I cut this out weeks ago, but couldn't get motivated to start. So many pieces and so many directions! I made a bit of a start today, but there's still a long way to go.

I keep telling myself to be the turtle: slow and steady and one step at a time. If I slack off, I want you all to keep on me to finish this!


Indigo Blue said...

This post made me really laugh!! My husband only ever cleans when his Mum is popping round to visit!! I have a similar feeling towards housework too. it really is only guilt that gets me moving to do it.

Angela said...

I have a Simplicity Project Runway pattern that I have been putting off for ages. It just seems so involved compared to my normal patterns. Goodluck with that one. I'm definitely interested to see the final result!

Anonymous said...

I just bought fabric for two bed pillows and I love the one you posted!!! Does the cover come off for washing? Very important as dog thinks the pillows are for her, lol. That looks pretty advanced for me so I may have to do a trial with some scrap material I found at a garage sale.

Lisa said...

I love that quilt and pillow especially love the colors, did you make it and do you have pattern info?