Monday, September 28, 2009

Out in the Field

Time for another field trip! This weekend, we visited the Ephrata Fair. Unfortunately, we missed the animal exhibits, but here are some of the other homespun sights.

Honey, jam, and jelly. Look at all those ribbons!

Hopefully they slow down in school zones.

My focus for much of the day: Choosing a funnel cake stand.

A blue ribbon winner! Wouldn't that make a great quilt?

Games on the midway! Everyone wins!

Aww, the judges are suckers for kitty cats, too!

I love that some kid put so much time into making a poster of an egg.

Another fair delicacy: Fresh-cut fries!

No visit to the fair is complete without a look at the "freak" vegetables. This oddity beat out a double zucchini and a potato that grew around a spoon to win the first place ribbon.

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Anonymous said...

I remember we (my family ) used to go to the State Fair every year. They had it out at the fairgrounds which is now a venue for rock concerts, etc. I think the fair is in the middle of the state now. We had the fair because we were the state capital- even though we are in the northwest part of the state, if you look at a map, and quite urban. I loved the animal exhibits and the rides and the food ( eating it). We probably saw the quilts and canning- but we might not have. The fair is a happy memory for me.

Later this happy September memory became the Greek Festival- it was around my mother's birthday and she loved it, even though she wasn't Greek, all the food and fun and dancing and the sweets,- we would buy one of each variety.

Your fair looks like fun. I'm glad you had fun.