Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Loot

As promised, I am back today with a full accounting of what I bought at Jomar! (And I mean, FULL. I was only going to show you the fabric, but I'm going to show you everything.)

I went with wintry fabrics in mind. I tend to have a lot of fun, colorful prints on hand for summery sewing, but not so much to choose from when the weather turns cold. With that in mind...

The striped knit on top was two dollars a yard. I am a hesitant sewer of knits, so that's a perfect price point for me. Originally I had the Built By Wendy knit top in mind and thought I might play with the direction of the stripes a bit, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe just a basic, boatneck top.

The middle piece was three whole dollars a yard, but, luckily I only needed a yard. It's very light and fleecy and I thought it would be perfect for this little shrug idea I saw in Threads magazine. I've done a practice run of this project, and it was a flop, but I'm hoping I can make it work with different fabric and a few tweaks.

Finally, the corduroy on the bottom was one dollar a yard. I'd like to use it to make a skirt with some sort of big pockets. I may just make a plain skirt and add the pockets from Burda 8216. I'd like something sort of cargo-ish, but not overly so.

Gerry was also along for the trip, so I can't leave him out! Jomar sells Paul Frederick dress shirts for $7.99 vs. the online price of $39.50 (plus shipping!).

The catch is they are returns which have been monogrammed. The loophole is they're often monogrammed in white on the cuff.

As if anyone will ever notice that they aren't Gerry's initials. Pfft. Gerry can also get away with an incorrect monogram on the pocket, because his nametag covers it up. Score!

We also bought a boatload of this stuff for 39 cents/yard. It might become customized straps for our Guitar Hero guitars...or I might use it to trim a tote bag. We just thought it was neat.

White I was sitting around on the bathroom floor taking these pictures, Isabella came in to investigate, and I took a bunch of pretty kitty pics. But this post is long enough. I'll be back with them soon!


Care said...

Jealous!! Why don't I have one of those stores in MY state??

LOVING the guitar hero straps. Even more jealous.

Anonymous said...

I love that you took the monogrammed shirts, lol. The only people that would know are people that know you. I have a little coin purse that I loved, but could only find an initial "B" or "Z". I carry around a "B", lol.

Nice finds. Can't wait to see what you make.


Darling Petunia said...

Care, I can always look for the guitar stuff if we go back again. Would you want some?

Mags, Ger has been wearing "other people's shirts" for a while now. Sometimes we just make up phrases to correspond to the initials!