Friday, October 2, 2009

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

I'm not really the type to carry around a lot of extra stuff in my purse, so, for me, this was unbearable.
My make up bag had exploded (not that there's any make up in it, just hand lotion, a nail file, tissues, a brush).

A semi-sticky wrapper from a KIND bar was lurking in the depths. (Oh my, they are delicious. I don't kid myself that they're harmless, but there are worse things you can eat for 200 calories.)
And you can't see it, but there's a second wallet on that pile. I picked up a cute little DKNY at the thrift shop a few weeks ago on half-price day, and it's been rattling around in there ever since.

There were also a few tablets of Midol floating around loose, but I pocketed them before I took the picture. Embarrassing.

Oh, and that paper? That's something semi-important that I need to turn in at work. Oops.

Ah, well, enough about my mess. Check out this "After" picture!

Everything I need, tucked in nicely. I feel more in control of my life already!
:) Did you really think I was blogging about cleaning out my purse? Ha ha! Nah...the real reason for this is to show you what I made!

This is my version of Amanda Soule's Mama's Bag from her new book, Handmade Home. (Is it just me, or does it feel completely unnecessary to link to SouleMama? Doesn't everyone in the world already read her blog?)

I made this from an Ikea fabric called Saralisa. I don't normally cut into $8.99/yard fabric without being pur-ty darn sure about what I'm doing, but I tamped down my anxiety and did this without making a muslin first. The lining, oddly enough, also came from Ikea. I found a duvet cover/pillowcase set in the AS-IS room for $9.99. (King size. They wanted the same price for a twin size. Does that make sense?) I used one of the pillowcases for the lining.

This is a pretty cute bag. It's doesn't take a ton of fabric, it's a good size and shape, and it looks handcrafted without looking too (to quote Tim Gunn) home sewn. I have to admit (sorry, Amanda) the directions stumped me in a few places. I still have no idea what you mean in step two where it says "use the point of the pin to create a pleat." I'm probably just being dense, because in step three, it took me a while to figure out that the lining was NOT going to have pleats. I kept thinking you left something out and wished there had been a little drawing to help explain.

Anyway, I finally figured it out and carried on. One thing I knew I'd want to change is the closure. Tie closures I've used them on a few reversible bags, but if I have a choice, I'd rather have a button or a snap or magnetic clasp or even velcro. Magnets and velcro aren't quite as earthy, but they're convenient.

The navy blue button was smiling out at me from my button jar as I put this together. I didn't even look for something better. It was fate.

And to give you an idea of the size, I took this quick picture in the only sunny room of the house. Now you've seen the inside of my purse AND my toilet!


Donna said...

Aren't Kind bars wonderful? So much better than that soy stuff that tastes like cow food with chocolate chips. The bag is very snazzy. I'd have to use it like a tote though, with a separate purse. Unless my purse zips closed entirely, I am way too prone to dump everything out every time I set the thing down, as well as being paranoid about somebody sticking their hand in and grabbing my wallet. Too many years in New York, I think.

Trudy Callan said...

I love that bag! Great fabric.

Elizabeth said...

Nice work on the bag, it looks fab.

Julie ZS said...

I really love the fabric on the bag, so zippy and snazzy. The size of the bag looks just right too. I'll have to try a Kind bar, we've been eating Trio lately which are sticky and yummy and nutty. Home-created/Home-sewn whatever, at least you made it and you like it, right?!

Indigo Blue said...

The bag has a lovely shape. I like IKEA fabric too, blod prints and a good thickness. I am glad that someone else has a handbag like mine!

KLS said...

SUPER cute!

Karin said...

Cute bag, fun colours!

bunting said...

Did you have some Hello Kitty tissues in there too? I'm so nosy ( hur hur hur what a bad pun!) my little girl loves all that stuff and if there's a possibility of a kitty hanky I have to follow it through! Love your new bag, that fabric's really funky. I really like IKEA's materials, they have some really good stuff here, fortunately for my purse, they're a long way away.