Saturday, December 19, 2009

How to Make a Bow

How do you make bows? Well, this is how I do it!

You need: Ribbon, obviously. Scissors you don't mind cutting wire with. Wire in a medium gauge. Too heavy is a pain, and too light won't hold.

Determine how long you want your tails to be and leave that much before you start making loops. Play around with the size of your first loop until you find a size that looks pleasing. Generally, wider ribbon=larger loops.

Twist your wire around the loop once or twice to hold it in place.

You've pretty much learned the entire method now. Make a second loop to match the first...

....and wire it as before.

Continue in this vein, making a loop and wiring it in place.

When you have enough loops, you're ready to make the little pouffy loop in the center.

And that's all it is--another loop, just much shorter than the rest.

Wire it as you did for the others.

And just puff it up in the center. Cut your other tail to match the first, and you're done!

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Lynda said...

Thanks for the tut on bow making. I have such a problem with tying bows. I blame it on my mom and my being left handed! Great tut! Thanks.