Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back in Black

Now I really feel like I'm back in the saddle--I made a skirt! It was a trip to the thrift shop that did it for me. I found a few patterns for 50 cents each, including McCalls 3830. I already owned this pattern, but I could never decide which size to cut (and I do NOT trace). An extra copy was all I needed to finally go ahead and cut! I went with a size smaller than my measurements would have indicated, and I think it fits just right.

I chose view D, the second shortest length, because I didn't want to get involved with sewing the slit. I was worried it might be too short and considered a ruffle a la the one-yard skirt, but I just did a narrow hem instead, and it turned out to be a great length.

What I really like about this skirt is that the zipper is in the back. Whenever I try on a straighter skirt with a side zip, I feel like the zip distorts the shape along the hip and looks terrible. I've rejected many a thrift shop skirt on that basis!

The fabric is a corduroy I bought in last year's winter clearance at Jo-Ann's. I used a scrap of quilting cotton for the facings to cut down on bulk.

Of course, no sewing project of mine is complete without a mistake. This time I set in the zipper without a hitch, removed the basting stitches, and then realized the zipper stop Oh my. Did I put the zipper in upside down? No, I just somehow grabbed a zipper with a stop at either end. Fast fix: I snipped it open with a pair of old scissors. But still... can you imagine?


two_girls said...

This is gorgeous! I love the print!

ReFabulous said...

Very nice! Great prints and great fit.

And I'm not a pattern tracer, either.... I think that's why I prefer to make my own patterns. The pre-printed ones are so stressful.... ;)

Sherry from Alabama said...

Love your skirt! Okay, I've got to get up and at least cut mine out now! I got lining fabric over the weekend, so I don't have any more excuses to put it off. Thanks for the inspiration!

Langevoort said...

This is so nice! You did a great job! I like the color scheme.

kate said...

My mom got around that problem by always cutting the largest pattern and then folding it down to the size she wanted to make.
I really love that print, but even more after seeing that it's cords!

Julie said...

So, I see a skirt on my first visit back to Wardrobe Refashion in many long months and I just knew who made it! How have you been?