Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Funny Face

Thanks for the comments on the last post! They made me L-A-U-G-H! Denise from NITTINFOOL hit the nail on the head when she said the vegetables reminded her of the advertisements from the Seventies for a drink mix. The drink mix was Funny Face, and they reminded me of that, too, but I didn't want to mention it until I had time to take a picture of my beloved Funny Face mug collection!
Do you remember their names? Let me see how I do: Jolly Olly Orange, Loudmouth Punch, Rootin Tootin Raspberry, Lefty Lemonade, can't remember the watermelon, Choo Choo Cherry, Freckle Face Strawberry, and Goofy Grape. Okay, I looked up the watermelon and he is With It Watermelon. Obviously. Check out the shades and the sideburns. The strawberry was always my favorite.
In other news, I have a sewing announcement to make: I threaded my machine yesterday. This is as close as I've come to sewing in weeks. This needs to change.


Care said...

ACK!! We had two of the watermelon cups growing up (not enough to go around!) and we ALWAYS fought over them. How fun to see them all together!!

Angela Pea said...

LOL!! We had those cups, too, Care! Goofy Grape, the Strawberry one Way Out Watermelon.

Sort of makes me want to drink sugary stuff and eat a Koogle sandwich.

JD said...

I currently have the grape and the strawberry in my cupboard, which is crazy because I was born much after the 70s... I have no idea where they came from!

Sherry from Alabama said...

Great memory you have have there! I could only remember Rootin Tootin Raspberry and Goofy Grape! You have me beat on the sewing part; I have my machine opened up, but it's not threaded yet! I bought skirt material but forgot to get the lining fabric. Maybe we need to have a sewing challenge here! I'm so ready for some spring skirts...actually, I'm just so ready for spring!

Langevoort said...

I remember these cups!! I had Goofy Grape and the Strawberry one. We never had the WHOLE collection. Wow, you sure keep things :oD