Monday, March 1, 2010

How to Find a Book

If it were always this easy to find a book!

I'm lucky, because I'm constantly exposed to books. I get to open boxes of brand new books, see what books other people are reading, and talk to other book lovers every. single. day.

Even so, sometimes my book pile starts to look a little too short, and I need ideas. If I'm not in the mood for yet another Rhys Bowen or D.E. Stevenson (hehe), I turn to my book book.

(This box originally held a series of children's paperbacks. I've been meaning to cover it with scrapbooking paper or fabric or something to make it prettier, but...well, you know how that goes.)

Inside, I keep all the book reviews I've torn out of magazines and all the notes I've scribbled at work when a book catches my eye or someone recommends a title. I also have a list of all the Persephone titles folded up in there.

I used to keep a list of books to read in a little notebook, then I went to a spreadsheet, but I like this method best. Not only is it perfect for someone prone to procrastination, but it's also fun to sift through all the slips of paper when I'm looking for a good read.

How do you keep track of books you want to read?


Lise said...

A bowl that looks very much like your book book (and an Amazon wish list; suits my list-making side).

bagqueen said...

I like the notebook idea but unfortunately I also love collecting notebooks and then I start a new one so my lists of books are all over the place!! However my reading list never seems to end so I can usually find something!!

jennifer said...

I arrange my books on shelves by size and color, so finding something specific is not that easy! If I hear about a book that I want to read, I add it to my Amazon wishlist for safekeeping. Doesn't mean I'll buy it there, but it's an easy way to keep track and not forget about them.

Julie said...

An amazon wishlist is the best way for me to keep track of the hundreds of books I want to read! Couldn't live without it:)