Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Solemnly Swear

That's what you call a last-minute alteration. That's wanting to wear a newly-thrifted skirt to work, even though it doesn't fit. That is one step above a safety pin. A small step. That, my friends, is my shame.

My refashioning pile is home to many skirts like this one. I see them at the thrift shop, like the fabric, and bring them home despite a bad fit. If they're too big, heck, I can sew! Taking that in a little will be no problem at all! If they're too small, I can sew! That will make a great bag/pillow/you name it.

Um, if I'm such a rockstar with the sewing machine, why are they all still on the pile instead of in my closet?

I hearby pledge to make a dent in my pile by sorting out FIVE of those skirts. In one week's time, I will transform those five unwearable skirts into five useful items, and I will not do it by half measures as evidenced above.

Now, in the absence of a Notary, I will make this an officially binding statement by changing the font and making it italic!


Krista said...

Italics are always binding.

I cannot wait to see the cuteness!

Care said...

ha ha! Italics! You crack me up!

Looking forward to seeing the transformations!

bagqueen said...

I have done the same kind of thing many,many times and I'm a dressmaking teacher!! I'm sure your refashions will look fab!!

Anonymous said...

And, over the Easter break, I do solemnly swear I will shorten those 2 pairs of sweatpants that have languished in the " I must get round to that" box for one year and 3 years respectively ...

ps happy easter...

Anonymous said...

Well, you should have at least one done now. Two, if you're really smoking.

How many?

I keep an alterations box in my guest room & try to take it out when I'm watching something I don't have to watch closely. It's great for books-on-tape. :)

Can't wait to see them!!

TakingAChanceChick said...

I have a skirt I started last august, all that is left to do is the hem and I still haven't done it!!!! YIKES!