Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meet Care! (And my new mat!)

My turn! Care at Obsessively Stitching did a little Q&A with me, now let's find out some more about her!

Susan: When did you start sewing?
Care: I must have been about five years old. My mom sews. Her mom sewed. HER mom sewed...and so on. I guess I come from a pretty long line of sewists! Anyway, my mom sewed every chance she got (still does!), and I was very quick to catch the bug!
[This seems to be a theme, no? I guess when you grow up digging through bins of fabric and button tins, it's bound to rub off!]

S: What kind of machine do you use?
C: I sew on a Bernina Activa 135S. Before that I had a 30+ year old blue Canadian something-or-other --all metal-- and it weighed a TON! The poor thing's metal foot pedal would get smokin' hot the way I cranked things out on it! On our first wedding anniversary, my husband's grandfather offered to give us some money to purchase a piece of furniture. My sweet husband wanted to get me a new sewing machine instead, so he talked it over with grandpa (and got grandma to put in a good word), and grandpa finally agreed. I tell you, my sewing machine has been far, FAR more valuable than any piece of furniture ever could have been!

S: Do you have any other hobbies or interests?
C: What IS there besides sewing? :o) Sewing is my love and my obsession. Between sewing and my family, there is little time for anything else!

S: How do you feel about Elvis Costello?
C: If I were born Declan Patrick MacManus, I would probably change my name, too.
[But what would you change it TO, Care?]

S: What do you do with all the quilts you make?
C: I keep many of them, but I'd have to say I give more away than I keep. I like to make a quilt for each baby born in the family (on both sides), and for anyone I know who needs one -- whether for cheering them up, wishing them get well, or whatever. Sometimes you just know when somebody needs a quilt!

S: Where do you find the time to do everything?
C: Sewing is a priority, so it happens. Sometimes I sew late into the night. If I don't have a lot of time, I make quick little things to get my fix. I do what I can with whatever time I have -- and sometimes it is very little time!

S: Are quilts your favorite thing to make?
C: Hmm...I'd have to say yes! It's certainly the thing I make the most of. What can I say? There is just something about cutting fabric into little pieces and sewing it all back together!
[Are you really good at jigsaw puzzles?]

S: Have you ever sewn any clothing for yourself?
C: Yes, but not much at all -- partly because it's not at the top of the priority list, and partly because I am just not that confident in my clothing-sewing skills. It's something I strive to work on, but currently time is at a premium. I hope to sew more clothing for me in the future!
[I can help if you have any questions about skirts!]
And now, how do you like that new self-healing mat? (No Q&A with the mat, sorry!)
I took everyone's advice and went for the 24 by 36 inch mat. WOW is that thing BIG! I took one look at it and decided I was not going to carry that thing around the store, so I shopped and shopped and then almost forgot to buy it in the end. The cashier told me my total and I shrieked, "Wait! I forgot something!" and dashed off to grab the mat. Can I just tell isn't easy to run while carrying a SAIL! I decided to go with the Fiskars mat because it's two-sided. Don't love the color, but it'll do.
Now about that cat....


Denise said...

What fun would there be if it weren't for cats? How would we get anything done? Imagine nothing moving, breaking, disappearing...:) Oh and I think the cat was included with the mat wasnt it? Two for one

KLS said...

I have a feeling that Isabella is simply going to love quilt making.

Care said...

Ya know, kitties and quilting just go together. Just imagine all the ways they can get in the way -- er -- HELP you!

My kitty is a quilty cat, as is my mom's. It's nice to have a partner in crime!

Glad you got the larger mat, by the way! :o)

Anonymous said...

Can I ask a question? The mat is for quilting, yes? Even if it isn't, what's the reason for having it soooooo big? I have an 18 x 24 and that thing is huge! I remember my mom having a giant folding cardboard grid thingy that she used for pattern cutting. But why such a big cutting mat? Thx.


P.S. Isabella wants mommy love, lol. My verification word is barfy, lol.

Darling Petunia said...

Denise, I thought MY store was the only one with the special cutting mat/cat package!

Darling Petunia said...

KLS, I better work on the quilt while she's napping. I'm worried about rotary cutting her tail off!

Darling Petunia said...

Care, I'm glad I got the bigger mat too, otherwise how would I measure my Isabella?

Darling Petunia said...

Mags, I got the huge mat because Care said so, lol. She posted the part about cutting today, and it makes sense to have the giant size.