Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ripe for Picking

Who needs diamonds? This is probably my single most-commented-upon piece of jewelry, and it cost me nine dollars. I balked at that nine dollars when I first spotted this in the thrift store's jewelry case, but then I couldn't stop thinking about this lucious, yellow berry and rushed back the next day to buy it. Those return trips are always fraught: What if it's gone? Why didn't I just buy it? Will I never learn?

The color yellow has been having its heyday, but it's not a color I can wear next to my face--and, believe me, I've tried decades of yellows at the thrifts. Then a yellow handbag caught my eye, but it was $99...need I say more? No, this little $9 bauble is just what I needed.


Samina said...

That's really cute! I'm not a big fan of costume jewelry, but I'd definitely run back for that berry.

Darling Petunia said...

I am ALL about costume jewelry!