Thursday, September 23, 2010

Belting It Out

Brown blouse, Ann Taylor via thrift shop
Skirt, self-stitched
Belt, Talbots via thrift shop
Shoes, Ecco

I'm worried that you are all getting bored with these outfit photos, so I offer you a more interesting pose! Very natural, don't you think? It bothers me that the thermostat is visible--usually I try to stand right in front of it!

The weird thing about this skirt is that, despite its autumnal colors, I've always worn it in the dead of summer, but whenever I did, I'd think, "I should really be wearing this in the fall." Follow all that?

Anyway, this is another Burda 8090. I made this long before I ever started this blog, so this is its first appearance. The fabric is a cotton from JoAnn's with a bit of gold sparkle in it.

And here's my little red thrift shop belt again! Now that I'm on this belting kick, I need to find a few more. The thrift shop had a beautiful, brown, Italian, crocodile belt the other day but it was tiny. One thing I haven't yet figured out how to do is make a belt bigger!

Do you all know about the trick for keeping the end of your belt from flapping around? Thread a small, clear hair elastic onto the belt to serve as a second...what is that loop thing called? A bale?


Anonymous said...

Great look. And trust me, I have NO idea what it's like to have extra belt leftover lol. Belts on me are like a noose. :)

Love your pose, too.

Denise said...

Great outfit and great tip on the elastic band. Never thought of that before, not that I have extra belt

Anonymous said...

Great outfit. Thanks for the belt tip. I find I have been wearing belts over tops recently and liking the way they look. I had always thought that a belt in the middle of a top emphasised what some call the "muffin top" but I have decided that, if I slightly blouse the top, it does not look to "muffin-y" and it does show I have a waist.

Linda C

Anonymous said...

Nope, not bored... just pretty amazed at the amount of skirts you own! I have zero, mostly because I don't feel comfortable in them. However, I am slightly jealous of those who do wear them!

Anonymous said...

I love skirts so much - as I said, I wish I could wear them for school, but, since my knees don't bend well, I tend to bend right over with my backside in the air. My co-teacher is a guy- granted much younger - and I am not thinking he will go mad with lust, still---. I must get some leggings this fall - (and I also think many of my winter skirts are too big.) Maybe I am imprinted from my childhood - little girls wore dresses except when we were doing grubby thing or hiking. In the winter we did wear leggings to school but took them off inside. Of course, we were very comfortable in dresses and skirts, We could run and climb trees, etc. with no problem.

I am hoping to get a bit of paperwork done and then maybe I can sew. However, I have a chance for some art shows- but I need to get some prints made up, cards made, etc.


Paula Jo @ garden decor said...

Very nice belt, and thanks for the tip. I hate a belt that flops all the time, so now I will try this. You have a great post that I enjoy coming into and leaving a comment.