Monday, September 13, 2010

Tucked In

Top, self-stitched from Simplicity 3835
Belt, Talbot's, via thrift shop
Skirt, Valerie Stevens, via thrift shop
Shoes, Tatami

It's my seventh day of Self-Stitched September! Today feels like a good day to take a break from my formula of printed skirt + solid tee + necklace, but my grand plan to sew some new tops has yet to commence, so I am forced to dig deep into the archives. Another oldie from 2008, I'm not even sure I've worn this top before. Why not? Well, as with most easy-to-sew tops, it's loose and shapeless and not all that flattering.

So there seemed to be only one solution: I've gone out on a limb and actually TUCKED MY SHIRT IN for the first time in years. I can hear the gasps! I'll tell ya what, it feels darn strange to be all tucked in and belted, and it'll probably drive me nuts at work tonight, but I am going to stick it out.

For anyone else doing Self-Stitched September, how's it going? Have you had to move out of your comfort zone at all?


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! You look so snappy and professional. And the tucked-in-thing looks great!

Krista said...

I love this outfit! Seriously, you should tuck in more often if this is the results. Bravo.