Monday, October 25, 2010

Something I Love

Do we all have a soft spot for the dishes of our childhoods? I never thought Corelle's Spring Blossom or Butterfly would become collectible (although I've always had a soft spot for Spice o' Life), but now I see it popping up here and there on blogs, and I notice the thrift shop doesn't have the glut of these patterns it once had.

We never had Corelle at my house, though. Instead, we had a set of Japanese ironstone festooned with big, green, loopy flowers. I can still remember them coming into the house and bringing with them a whiff of The Brady Bunch.

Lately, I've been finding myself drawn towards random dishes that remind me of that time. It started with a few pieces of the Country Gingham pattern by Mikasa. They don't match a single thing in our kitchen, but there was no way I could resist a pattern as cute at this, especially not for 25 cents each.
Next I found a few more small plates in the Andes pattern. This glaze on this design has an amazing amount of depth and of course I love the touches of red. Fifty cents each!
The plate in the big picture at the top is one of my latest finds: four dinner plates in the Fresh From the Garden pattern. I splurged on these...$1.50 each. I think my limit is somewhere around $3 per plate, so I don't expect this collection to grow very quickly, but I'll keep hunting!


Care said...

I love that top one!

What a fun collection!

Anonymous said...

Oh Susan, great, you got blog-spammed! Can I kick Pahlad's ass for you? PLEASE?

Samina said...

I grew up with the spring blossom dishware & my mother still has it, although she doesn't use it any more. I've fallen in love with it again & have begged her pass it on to me when she's finally ready to get rid of it. It's funny how we get so nostalgic over silly things.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I love all that bright yellow - so cheerful :) I have a shimmery orange Carlton coffee set that was a wedding present to my grandmother, and it's one of my favourite things.

Anonymous said...

Prahlad better sell his/her wares where they belong, not on Darling Petunia!!

What is wrong with people?

Darling Petunia said...

Never fear, I deleted ol' Prahlad. Meant to do it sooner, know me. Still haven't sewn those buttons on!