Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow was general all over Ireland.

We're back from this year's trip to Ireland! I don't have too many pictures to show, because I felt like I'd already taken so many of the pictures I wanted to take on previous trips, but there was one new thing this time around:

Snow. Lots of it. And what weird snow! It's like a giant beanbag chair erupted and spilled millions and millions of styrofoam pellets from the sky. (Not the most poetic imagery, but the best description I can come up with.) The little pellets stay separate until you squash them together...then they make the best snowballs ever!

We've never seen Ireland like this before. Flurries, yes, but nothing close to this. Schools were closed, the airport was closed, buses were running sporadically.

Still, with a little caution, we managed to do almost everything we wanted to do.

We wouldn't miss our fish and chips for anything in the world!


KLS said...

Thanks for posting those!
I was so hoping to see the snow over there.
I've never seen that much in County Dublin, at least.

Anonymous said...

Every time you mention 'fish & chips', I get nostalgic! My step-mom introduced us to them on a Canadian vacation many, many moons ago. Have YET to find anyplace in the USA that makes 'em like we had in Canada. BUT I STILL use vinegar on my matter WHERE I am!!
So glad you were able to enjoy your trip despite the weather!!