Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fiscal Fasting

I've tied a string around my wallet to remind me that this is the week of our first Fiscal Fast. Fiscal Fasting is the brainchild of Jeff Yeager, also known as The Ultimate Cheapskate. I've recently read his two books, The Ultimate Cheapskate's Roadmap to True Riches and The Cheapskate Next Door, and I really like his approach. The books aren't full of money saving tricks like washing out Ziploc bags and cutting dryer sheets in half. Instead of tip books, they are mindset books. It's about knowing when you have enough and enjoying what you have.

The idea of Fiscal Fast appealed to me as a good way to focus on using and enjoying what we already have. The idea is to spend nothing for a full week. If a need arises, you make do. If it's entertainment you seek, it has to be free. No eating out. No shopping for ingredients. Open up those kitchen cupboards and see what you can create out of what's already there. Break out the board games. Use the library.

Want to read more? Google Books provides excerpts of both books. If you click here and then arrow ahead to page 25, you can read the entire section about Fiscal Fasting for free!

I've been considering a FF for a few weeks, but the decision to start one today was really a last minute thing. While Gerry and I were out running errands, I snuck a look at the gas gauge--full--and we'd just been to the pet store for cat food and litter, so it seemed like a good time to do this. (Those are three things for which there are no substitutes!) We already had a small list of things we needed from the store, so I figured I'd let that play out and then tell Gerry about my plan. I think he was wondering why I resisted not only the beautiful cut hydrangeas in the floral department, but also the cute football-shaped doughnut in the bakery. Once we were out of the store and the potential for stockpiling was past, I declared the Fast. Let the Fasting begin!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting- I'll look into that. I built up the bra stock yesterday- good sale. This time I want to put the date bought on the bra tag. I need to replace the bras every now and then - I wear expensive ones, but can find bargains on line. I also got a couple of navy sweaters nice bargains, and end of season- which I needed to go with some clothes I have. It's cold here in winter and you need a sweater to wear over any top.

I need to get a couple pieces of meat and some veg. I'm going to look up and read that chapter you mentioned.