Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seeing Spots

I wish I could say I've been lax on kitchen and decluttering updates because I've been so hard at work, but that would be a lie. What happened was that everything got to be a little overwhelming, and I got a little overwrought as a result. Gerry is always telling me, "Just be wrought," which used to be funny, but doesn't help much, unfortunately. So everything has been neglected. The laundry is piling up, nothing is getting packed, and I haven't even felt like dressing up to go to work. Oh, and then it snowed two nights in a row. Lovely.

HOWEVER, it does cheer me up a little to think about how I'm going to trim up the kitchen once it's all back in order, so let's look at some spotty plates!Four dotty dessert plates from Cath Kidston, $34. If I could get these locally, I might go for it, but I'm not so sure I love the pink. And you know I'll never find a discount on them. That could get expensive.

The Polka Dot range from Emma Bridgewater eliminates the pink, but at --gulp-- almost $21 per lunch plate, I can forget that idea.

Pier One, how I love you. At just $4 to $5 per piece, I think we have a winner! And I have a coupon!
Am I missing any other spotty dotty plates? Should I look anywhere else before I hit Pier One?


Anonymous said...

Go for it!

(Sorry about the snow)

Denise said...

Love them!

Anonymous said...

Try Fishs Eddy:,106.html

No pink! How I love dotty dinnerware! *sigh*

Anonymous said...

@Sarah, they are very very nice, but SO expensive! I still vote for Pier 1!


Paula Jo @ Home Decor and Accents said...

What cute plates. They wouldn't go with my decor in the kitchen, but hey, if you like them and they will go with your table then go for them.

Anonymous said...

These are available at QVC


angela said...

If you have a "Color me Mine" or similar ceramics studio near you - you could make your own selection of colored dots! The cost is usually quite reasonable.