Sunday, May 1, 2011

Time for a Peek

Work on the kitchen has stalled, so I'm going to start posting some pictures of what IS done in hopes that it inspires us to dig in and finish! You can see just a glimpse of the new backsplash in the photo above. That was one decision we made very easily: basic, white subway tile. We couldn't be more pleased with it!

And here is something you're only going to see in a house without kids. Our knives are mounted on the side of one of the base cabinets, so they are about two feet off the ground. Not the usual spot for keeping knives, but it's handy to the counter where Gerry does most of his slicing and chopping. I promise we'll put them away somewhere else if we ever babysit!

That's all for now! I am a tease, aren't I?


Care said...

hooray for progress!

Anonymous said...

Eee! I can hardly wait for the full reveal.