Friday, July 29, 2011

Kitten Gym

Wondering what's new at kitten central?

Here is Abigail lounging on the ottoman I am planning to return to the store, if I can keep it in one piece. The girls were playing on it the other night, so I set it on top of the dining room table, sideways, thinking that would keep them off.

Yeah, that worked really well. The wicker chairs (brand new) are also proving to be favorites for climbing. Check out Eloise perched on the tippy top. You just know there are claws involved in that spectacular feat of balance.

Eloise takes her turn. "Takes" being the operative word. She's a bossy little thing.


Christy said...

awwww they are so cute!!!!! I love kittens, but the breaking-in time when they are being trained and before they figure out that you WILL sleep at night is a little rough. =) But they are adorable!!!

Samina said...

Kittens are so very cute & so much fun, even when they're getting into trouble! My guys used to think I was human jungle gym when they were little. They'd motor right over me if I got in the middle of one of their chases. I miss those days.

Anonymous said...

They are so naughty!
I see they are getting to the leggy stage.

Thanks for sharing.

KS in FL

Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

What cute photo's of your kittens. They are just having fun, and trying to fit in it looks.

oklyous said...

I can only think trouble when I see a cat on a fine chair/ottoman.
Personal experience tells me it can only go wrong! I have a wonderful chair, that was newly upholstered 2 years ago. But living with a cat that decided it was its own scratching board, left it less beautiful..And now it is looking dreadful to tell you the truth -because my own cat also in the start thought it would be perfect to scratch on!
I sure hope then were not too naughty:)

Care said...

One word (and lots of exclamation points):