Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fourth and Final

Did ya hear the one about the snowstorm that hit two days before Halloween? I wish it were a joke, but it wasn't. We were hit pretty hard here and lost power for about 72 hours. No lights, no heat, no water. Thankfully, they restored power well before their estimated target of Thursday at 11 pm.

The funny part was that my husband and I were just talking about how much more leisurely our lives will be now that a) soccer season is ending, b) my mom's birthday party is past, and c) our CSA blog is back on hiatus. Guess somewhere out there in the cosmos, someone decided we needed one more roadblock before we could relax a little!

So today I'm basking in the cental heating, catching up on laundry, and clearing up all the messes we made in the dark. While I'm waiting for the dryer to catch up with the washer, I figured I'd pay some attention to the poor, neglected blog.

The fourth and final choice of prizes in the Guess the Number of Skirts contest is the vintage kitchen prize. This prize package includes a linen tea towel, apron, cookie cutters, and cookbook--all vintage! It will be Lincoln's birthday before you know it, so don't get caught without a recipe!

If you'd like a chance to win this prize or one of the other three prizes up for grabs (sewing, kids' stuff, or global) just leave your guess on the original giveaway post!

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