Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fiscal Fast Report

Tonight marks the end of our week-long fiscal fast!  I'm happy to report that neither Gerry nor I feel like it was much of a struggle.  We had plenty to eat, and were able to clear out a bunch of odds and ends from our freezer and pantry.  When we finally ran out of bread this morning, Ger took care of that by making a loaf from scratch.  I came home to house fragrant with the smell of fresh bread.  This is a pretty cushy fiscal fast! 

Because we were spending NO money at all, we had to seek alternatives a few times.  I wanted to photocopy a few pages from a library book before returning it, but I settled for taking down a few notes instead.  At one point, Gerry mentioned needing to buy some speaker wire, because we had rearranged the furniture a little, and the existing wire didn't quite reach. I felt a bit weird saying, "No, you can't buy speaker wire.  Even when this week is over, we're not supposed to buy stuff," but Gerry took it well. I asked if maybe one wire was longer than the other, so they could be switched, and that turned out to be the case! 

I almost slipped once, when I opened an author's e-newsletter I found in my mail.  She has a few short stories available for download for 99 cents, and I found myself thinking, "Oh, that's cheap.  Maybe I'll check them out."  Then I realized I couldn't remember what the author had written, so chances are the short stories weren't going to be that memorable either.  I won't miss them. 

Really, though, as I said, our week without spending went by quickly and easily.  I told Gerry I felt like I could go another week, but things are getting pretty lean for him in the meat department.  We're also out of flour, and our fruit situation is dire, so I guess we'll be doing a little grocery shopping tomorrow. 

Would you ever try a fiscal fast?  Why or why not?

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Anonymous said...

I'm currently on sort of a Fiscal Fast and it feels pretty good most of the time, but it means that I've had to un-subscribe from a lot of blogs and a lot of email lists, because they post about items for sale or they promote their own line of goods with every email. Too much temptation! I'm not sure if I'll last through the year, but I'm going to try!

I'm only buying food for myself and everything else will have to be swapped or borrowed.