Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No-Thing New Birthday!

Not only did I get a giant doughnut cake for my birthday, but Gerry made it from scratch!  Isn't it cute?  It's just what I wanted.  I love that he made do with Easter sprinkles instead of buying new ones, and how do you like those candles?  He found them at the thrift shop for fifty cents!  He used the birthday cake recipe from Magnolia Bakery and it is delicious.  Thank you, Ger Bear!

Speaking of the thrift shop, that was also the source of my new necklace.  I've been mooning over these at Whole Foods lately, so Ger was thrilled to spot one in the jewelry case at the thrift shop for about one sixth the price!

We'll round out my birthday with dinner out at some point, but I am fighting a cold, so it's naps and a bag of Ricola throat drops for me tonight.


Sherry @ A Happy Valentine said...

What a sweetie you have. The cake looks yummy and beautiful. I'm going to follow your link for the recipe.

The necklace is beautiful. What a happy find. It sounds like the perfect birthday to me except for being sick. Hope you feel much better today.

Happy Birthday!

Samina said...

Adorable cake! Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! I love your cake and pretty necklace :)

Linda C said...

Happy Birthday! What a wonderful husband to make that great cake.

I love your necklace! Some of my favorite necklaces were ones my sons bought at yard sales.

I hope you feel better very soon so you all can have the dinner out.