Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Uh Oh, What About My BIRTHDAY?

Right after we stared the No-Thing New project, Gerry asked me what he was supposed to do about a gift-giving occasion coming up soon:  my birthday.  "That's an exception, right?" he said.  "Of course," I said.  "I will send you links to things I like.  Pick out about $300 worth of stuff."  I mean, it's my BIRTHDAY!  It only comes once a year!  And I didn't get everything I wanted at Christmas!

Okay, I'm kidding.  Here are some ideas for birthday presents that don't break any rules:

1. I really want a birthday cake that looks like a big doughnut with pink frosting.  I'm confident Gerry can pull this off. 

2. We can go out to dinner.  I can even get a free birthday meal at a nice local place if I print out an email and take it with me! 

3. If he really wants to get me something, tickets to a show or event would be fun.  This is something we always enjoy but rarely spend money on.

4. If he wants to give me something to unwrap, there's always secondhand! 

5. I'd be amenable to a month off from scooping the cat boxes.  Just sayin'.

Do you have any other suggestions for a No-Thing New birthday?


Linda C said...

How about renewing membership to natural history or art museum? I had that on my list for Christmas. Or a winter coat at the after holiday sales (I needed that) or from a thrift store.

Actually, in case you wonder what I got, I got a small light weight step stool, a really nice basket (thrift store) that I wanted to keep veggies, etc., in, for salads- keep them handy in the refrig , all together. I got a beautiful stocking with chocolate Hanukah coins ( he thought it was pirate treasure), Necco mint, some super delicious tiny chocolate bars, Good and Plenty licorice candies, some tiny appetizer forks and spoons ( plastic- looks like n metal) , cinnamon jaw breakers, quite a few batteries, and a really beautiful necklace he found at a kiosok at a mall or maybe it was a flea market- anyway, just the sort of thing i like. Everything was in a beautiful Christmas stocking---and I didn't really have my own beautiful Christmas stocking. (Next year he will get his own beautiful Christmas stocking - this year he got his own slippers to lounge in , and a book he liked, and some cd's on the history of jazz.) Oh,, I also got the dvd of The Help.

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas (or whatever is your holiday)---That's tricky. Some years it's Bugspray (really) ; others, it might be a big monitor for the computer, or jewelry and/or for me, a good dinner. He gets a good dinner everyday.

I'll be curious as to what you get for your birthday.
I must admit, when it comes to gift giving, I tend to want to make people happy.


Darling Petunia said...

Linda C, a museum membership could be an idea. I've been thinking of museum-going as an alternative to shopping, but some of the entry fees are high!