Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kudos to JCP!

Hooray for JC Penney

No, this has nothing to do with Ellen.  I am excited about their new pricing strategy.  If you don't already know, they've decided to eliminate the endless cycle of sales in favor of more realistic everyday prices.  It's about time! 

Price inflation has bugged me for a long time.  Besides JC Penney, we have Kohl's with their constant LOWEST PRICES OF THE SEASON and reward coupons, and Jo-Ann Fabrics whose pricing on seasonal merchandise is an absolute joke.  I am thrilled that someone finally decided to stop the farce and just offer their products at a fair price to begin with.

Personally, I've always felt a bit annoyed with these stores for thinking I'm dumb enough to fall for their ploys.  I've always rolled my eyes when the cashier at Kohl's told me how much I "saved."  I realize there are people who buy into the whole thing, but I thought they would be reasonable about the new strategy once they saw the new prices.  To my surprise, this isn't always the case.  People are saying they will not shop there if they aren't going to have sales. 

Wait a minute...they would rather wait for a sale, go on a certain day, pick through depleted stocks, and remember to cut out a coupon?  I know for a fact the prices are lower.  These corduroys did not have a regular price of fourteen dollars when I bought them.  The regular price on this sweater was fifty dollars before Christmas.  The regular prices were jacked up, and the sales were bogus.  Why can't people understand that?

Oddly enough, some people do understand that, but still say they'll miss the sales, and shopping won't be the same without them.  Once more, the emotional side of shopping rears its ugly head.  It seems like such an accomplishment when you manage to get your $28 pants for half price!  What a good shopper!  Oh my, what have we done?

So, even though I am buying No-Thing New and won't be shopping at JCP anytime soon unless some true need arises, I am happy they've decided to do this.  It isn't the price on something vs the price you pay that makes it a good deal.  It's what you get for your money.


Anonymous said...

I agree! Well put!!

fishergirl said...

I absolutely agree.