Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thrifting Tip

A few days ago, Gerry and I decided we should go shopping for shorts.  We shopped secondhand, so this didn't violate the No-Thing New rule of buying nothing new, but an argument could be made that we didn't strictly NEED least, not yet.  It's still February, and despite being a very mild winter, we certainly aren't wearing shorts!

But the truth is, we are both a little short on shorts.  Gerry needs a smaller size, and I need a pair or two to substitute for all the unflattering ones I culled during my closet purge

So why did we suddenly decide we needed to buy shorts in February?  Because we're going on vacation!  Nah, just kidding.  We're shopping now, because my favorite thrifts switch our their wares for the seasons, and they are starting to put out all the warm weather gear they've saved up throughout the winter.  The racks are stuffed, and shorts aren't on anyone's radar yet.  If you wait until it starts to get warm, you'll be picking through the leftovers, and may also be more inclined to settle for something that isn't quite right.  Going now, when choices are plentiful, means you can afford to be picky and take your time!

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