Saturday, March 10, 2012

Food Plan, Part Three

Part three of our food procurement plan (haha!) is, of course, local farms.  If you've ever clicked over to the other blog, you've seen all the beautiful vegetables we received as members of a CSA, first in the summer of 2008 and then again last summer.  It was a wonderful experience both times, but some summers are busier than others, so we opt in and out depending on our schedules. 

We are lucky in that there are plenty of local farms around to supply us with fresh fruits and vegetables.  After our experience with the CSA, we tend to eat a bit more seasonally than we did in the past.  I wait until spring for the absolutely delicious strawberries grown right down the street instead of buying the huge, flavorless ones at the grocery store in December.  And when it's apple season locally, we go through pounds and pounds of apples every week. 

Also, a few years ago, Gerry made the decision to switch to local meat sources in an effort to avoid all the nasties associated with commercial meat production.  I have to admit, I am always hoping he'll give up meat entirely, but it doesn't look like that will ever happen.  He does eat less meat now that he is paying more for it, so that's a good thing. 

Now I don't mean to give the impression that we are super hardcore about buying local.  We have the pineapple and bananas in our kitchen right now to prove we aren't!  We try to shop thoughtfully, though, and it's important to both of us to support local farmers and businesses when we can!

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Linda C said...

I do try to buy in season and locally. I buy from CSAs and I buy in season. One problem, or point of disagreement , with my husband is buying in season. He spends so much on fruit at the moment - but it is tasteless. I keep trying to explain that fruit in season is sweet- and I try to tell that way back it evolved that the sweetness of ripe fruit was a signal to let us know that it was safe to eat. If it was not sweet, then it was not fully rip and might make us sick. Granted at this time, the fruits available are citrus, and pears, maybe.

He does admit that carrots, fresh from the farm, are so much better because they are sweet. I do not like the mini carrots- I told him that carrots need to go through cold weather to develop the sweetness which means they are fully ripe.

I need to look into the meats. I do know that meats with the bone in have much more flavor and are much more tender.