Thursday, March 15, 2012


How do you know it's time to buy a new car?   

When you want to get better gas mileage?
When your car is getting older?
When it starts to creak a bit?
When your present car still has some trade-in value?
When you are spending a good bit on repairs?
Whenever you darn well feel like it?

Please note:
Cars shown are for illustrative purposes only.  In an effort to reduce wantiness, I have chosen to show only cars we can't get here in the States!


MAZMA said...

We use to trade whenever we wanted something new. We finally got better about that. :) Dh drove his last car for 10 years and I am on 8. Dh's car had over 200K miles and was starting to need some work. It was time. He would like to trade my car now. We have an extra car until another kid starts driving so I am driving it since it gets better gas mileage. I don't want to trade the Suburban anytime soon though. Our oldest son wants to trade. He doesn't have a job so that isn't happening. ;)

Anonymous said...

I want the green one.


Denise said...

We will get rid of our cars when the engine goes in them. Cant justify the price of a new vehicle. Something wrong when a new car is the price of a house in some states...and cars dont appreciate like land does...

Angela Pea said...

We drive ours until the price of repairs is more than the actual value of the car. My last car was a Honda Accord. She lasted more than 20 years and had 489,765 miles when she died.

Semen Rendi said...

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