Thursday, March 22, 2012

Refashioning Returns!

For me, the toughest part of No-Thing New has been trying not to shop for clothes.  I don't ordinarily buy a lot of brand new clothes anyway, but for the purposes of No-Thing New, I am trying not to buy anything secondhand either, unless I really need it.  For the first two months, I did pretty well.  I bent the rules and went thrift shopping on my birthday, and both Gerry and I went looking for shorts for the upcoming warm weather, but I didn't do a lot of pining for new things.  However, now that the trees are in bud, and the daffodils are blooming, I am VERY tempted to pop into the local thrifts to look for colorful, new-to-me duds. 

One thing I really did need was a white tee shirt.  Mine had a stain, which was fine for layering, so I happily wore it under sweaters all winter.  I looked at a few thrifts for a new one, but had no luck, because white tees just aren't the kind of thing that hold up well.  And, I confess, it was hard for me to resist looking at everything else in the store, so I wound up bringing home a black silk tank, a fleece jacket. and two sweaters.  Ooops.

I finally decided to just buy myself a brand new tee.  Sometimes that's probably the best course of action.  One trip to Marshalls, $5.99. 

Now that I'm feeling completely guilty about buying stuff I didn't really need, I am looking for other ways to satisfy my craving for something new.  I started by pulling out my refashion basket to see what I could find there.  The dress in the picture above was a thrift buy years ago.  I always intended to chop off the top and make a skirt.  No time like the present!  It turned out to be a bigger project than I expected, because I wanted to keep the lining intact, but it's finally done, and I have a "new" skirt!

I also chopped a few inches off a dowdy pair of capris to make a "new" pair of shorts.  They will be worn so much more now that they're a more flattering length.

Also on the agenda:  A blouse that needs new buttons, and tank that needs its straps shortened.  It's like getting new clothes, only it isn't!

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