Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby Steps

The chair cushions are ordered!  I think I mentioned before that this was a project I just wasn't equipped to tackle.  I've made cushions before, but they were for little-used spaces where they didn't have to stand up to much scrutiny.  I knew if I tried to make these I would constantly see the flaws, so we've entrusted the job to Fabrics by Allan.  We walked in with the two samples we liked best (the two solids from this post) and threw ourselves on the mercy of the staff.  The woman helping us (I think her name was Julie) immediately took us to a bolt of in-stock SALE fabric that was very similar to one of our samples.

Compare this to the sample:

The color is actually closer than it appears in these pictures.  (You can tell by looking at the color of my hand that the light wasn't the same.)  Anyway, we all really liked it, so our choice was made as quick as that!  Thank goodness, because there were SO many books to look through, I'm sure we would have been there forever.  Also, the in-stock fabrics were on sale for 50% off, so the stuff we chose was only $9.99 per yard.  Score!  So a few weeks to wait, and then our chairs will be done!

As to where they're going to go...

Gerry took the couch apart the other day and reconfigured it to put the chaise at the other end.  (Thanks again for the suggestion!)  One chair will go in the space right in front of the radiator at a right angle to the couch...

...and the other will go in the corner where the lamp is.  The lamp will be gone, as will the cat tree!  (The scheme to recover the old cat tree has been scrapped.  That darn carpet was glued down and fighting removal.  When we saw Petsmart had a sale on trees, we snapped up a new one.)

I also loosened the purse strings a little and bought an accessory.  I found this at Ross for $7.99 and couldn't resist.  It's a good size, about fourteen inches high, so hopefully I can use it to balance things out on either the console table or sideboard.  That way I can break up the lamps, spread the orangey goodness, etc.  And if I ever get tired of it, it will look great in the garden!

So we're at a bit of a standstill right now until the chairs come back.  I have been doing a bit of online window shopping for wall ideas, but I want to have all the furniture back in the room before I start making decisions.  I'll share some of the possibilities soon!  

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Diana said...

So glad you added a post -- just yesterday I was wondering when we'd get a progress report. It sounds like everything is proceeding beautifully!