Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I don't know about you, but I got a TON done this weekend!  I cleaned, I organized, and I forced myself to work on jobs I've been avoiding.  For example, there's been a little pile of things on the kitchen counter waiting to be mailed for months, so I sat down and put everything into envelopes and addressed them.  Was that so hard?  No!  I also decided it was high time I reclaimed my laundry basket.  It's been filled with refashions and mending jobs since, oh, about the time I purged my wardrobe.  I worked on a few of them back in March, but that barely made a dent.  Today I finished SIX more things!  I sewed buttons, mended holes, shortened straps, and brought in the sides of a top I thrifted last summer.  But this is my favorite!

This is a Simply Vera Wang dress I bought several summers ago.  It was deeply on clearance, and it seemed like the chicest thing I'd ever seen.  I loved the print and the fact that it had pockets.  I loved the sleeves, and I loved the pleating detail at the neckline.  I pictured myself wearing this (maybe with leggings?) and looking, oh, I don't know, sort of urban or minimalist or Scandinavian or something! :)  But whenever I put it on...blah.  I felt like a housefrau in a muumuu.  It was not good, and putting a belt on it made it even more ridiculous.  I finally removed it from my closet, but I couldn't bring myself to throw it away.  Maybe I would use the fabric for something.

Well, today I got the idea to chop it off.  I played with it as a skirt, and then I played with it as a top.  I decided to go with the top, so as not to lose the pleating detail that had drawn me to it in the first place. was better, I thought, but looking a bit maternity.

So next, I got out my handy dandy fashion ruler and took in the sides.  Now we're talking!  That looks so much better, don't you think?

And here it is, all hemmed and ready to go!  I left it long enough to belt, should I get the urge, and this was the best belt I could find in my closet.  I'd like to see it with a wider black belt or something brighter, but this is what I had handy.  Something to keep an eye out for at the thrifts!

Did you spot both kitties in my pics?


Linda Lou said...

Go with the wide belt if you belt nice, good job!

Diana said...

I am so impressed!

Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

You done wonders with the dress. I love the blouse, and it is really cute. Good job.