Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fabric Addiction

I went for a wander around JoAnn Fabrics the other day.  I paged through the New Look pattern book, smelled all the candles, and finally went looking to see if any fabrics caught my eye.  Blue and orange is one of my favorite combinations lately, so I grabbed this off the shelf the second I saw it. 

When I got to the cutting table, the sales clerk asked me what I planned to do with it.  My answer, "I have no idea," brought a round of laughs from all present.  Fabric-a-holics, you understand.

I bought two yards, but I am not sure if it's destined to become a skirt or a top.  A top may look a bit like scrubs, especially if worn with white pants.  Which gets your vote?

P.S.  The shoes I posted the other day are from Kmart and are just $15 right now.  I got them in both black and brown and wore them yesterday for the first time.  They were quite comfy for completely flat shoes!  Kmart has a lot of very cute shoes right now.  I would get these if I wore heels:

Or these if they would stay on my feet:


FITZ said...

which marketing yahoo told fabric store employees to start asking about projects? makes me NUTS! they all do it now. and a generic "dresses" won't always do... i love your love of prints. i keep buying prints but then only actually put on solids...

Melanie said...

Adore this fabric! Must have some of it. Definitely a skirt I think. Adorable!

Anonymous said...

That fabric is way cute :O) I was at Joann's yesterday. Spent nearly $100.00 on bits and bobs; mostly fabric. My fabric stash is half of my basement. The other half of the basement is (mostly wool) yarn. I knit. I would love a blouse made from that, but would not wear it with white pants. I make the scrubs my husband wears for work :O)


Anonymous said...

How about a sleeveless dress? :)
It's more bottom to me than top.
But I think a sleeveless dress with a little white knit cardigan would be very cute & summery.

Can't wait to see what you decide!

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